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uni shivaji m.sc m.com ma exam date sheet ba bsc bcom even sem 2018-19

uni shivaji m.sc m.com ma exam date sheet even sem 2018-19:

The Shivaji University (SU) is likely to issue soon Detailed Examination Time Table for the Post Graduate Odd Semester Theory Examination for Even Semester II / IV for M.A. / M.Sc. / M.Com and other Courses to be held in March / April 2018.

Shivaji Univ MA | M.Sc | M.Com Even Sem Time Table 2018

The Shivaji University (SU) have attached the highest priority to Shivaji University’s communication in respect of the Date Sheet for different streams of Post Graduate Courses at the University. We would publish on our Website www.edunewsportal.in/ the Even II/IV Semester Theory Examination as soon as we hear from the University Controller of Examinations.

We look forward to Shivaji University to release by mid February 2018 the Exam Time Table for the Post Graduate Courses cited in the Table subsequent to this Paragraph.

Shivaji University is likely to conduct in March / April 2018 Even Second / Fourth Semester Theory Examination. We would bring Swift Update and publish on our Website once the Controller of the Examination notified detailed Exam Time Table. Shivaji University shall also upload the Post Graduate Even Sem Theory Examination for the Post Graduate Course mentioned here under in the Table.

Srl. No. Name of the Courses Subject / Branch
01. M.A.

Apabhramsha, Applied Arts,  Arabic,  Archaeology, Ardhamagadhi, Avesta-Pahlavi,  Dance, Dramatics, Economics,  English, Geography,  Greek,  Gujarati,  Hebrew, Hindi,  Kannada, Latin,  Linguistics, Marathi, Modern Foreign Languages other than English, Music,
Painting, Sculpture, Pali,  Persian,  Physical Education,  Political Science, Psychology, Russian Language, Sanskrut, Sericulture, Sindhi,  Sociology and Urdu

02. M.Arch. Architecture
03. M.B.A.

Human Resource Development / Human Resource Management

04. M.Com.

Accountancy and Auditing, Actuarial Science, Banking, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Management, Commerce, Cost Accountancy, Industrial Law, Master of Commerce,
Mathematics and Mercantile Law

05. M.D. Ayurvedic, Homeopathic,  Neurology
06. M.E.

Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering,  Electronics Engineering, IT, Mechanical Engineering

07. M.Ed.

Education, Education Evaluation, Educational Psychology, Educational Statistics and Physical Education

08. M. Lib. Library and Information Science
09, M.M.C.J. Journalism
10. M.M.S. Human Resource
11. M.P.Ed. Physical Education
12. M.Pham.

Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Quality Assurance Technique

13. M.Phil.

Accountancy and Auditing, Actuarial Science, Agrochemicals, Ancient Indian History and Culture, Anthropology,  Apabhramsha,  Applied Arts, Arabic, Archaeology,  Architecture,  Ardhamagadhi, Automobile Engineering,  Avesta-Pahlavi, Banking, Banking Law, Bio Chemistry, Bio- Pharmaceuticals, Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology,  Botany,  Business Administration,  Business Economics, Business Management, CAD/CAM/CAE, Chemical, Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Civil, Collective Violence,  Commerce,  Comparative Criminal Procedure, Computer Science & Engineering, Corporate Finance, Cost Accountancy, Dance, Dramatics, Drug Addiction, Criminal Justice & Human   Rights, Economics, Education, Education Evaluation, Educational Psychology, Educational Statistics, Electrical,  Electronic Sciences, Electronics, Electronics Engineering,  English,  Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Epigraphy and Numismatics, Fisheries, General Engineering,  Geography,  Geology,  Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, History, Home Science, Human Rights and Criminal Justice System, Human Rights And Duties In International And  Regional Perspectives, Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Law, Instrumentation Engineering, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property and Information,  Technology International Humanitarian and Refugee Law,
Juvenile Delinquency, Kannada, Labour Capital and Law,
Latin, Law of Contracts including Government and  Multi National Contracts, Marathi, Marine, Biology, Marine Engineering,  Mathematics,  Mechanical Engineering,  Mechanical-Design,  Mechanical-HPE, Mechanical-Production, Mercantile Law, Meteorology, Microbiology, Modern Foreign Languages other than English, Music, Painting, Sculpture,
Pali, Penology, Treatment of Offenders, Persian, Pest Management, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics,  Pharmacology, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Plant Protection, Political Science, Politics, Privileged Class Deviance, Production Engineering,
Protection and Enforcement of Human Rights  in India, Psychology, Quality Assurance Technique, Sanskrit,  Science, Technology And Human Rights, Sericulture, Sindhi, Social Work Education, Sociology, Statistics, Technology, Mathematics, Textile Engineering, Textile Plant Engineering, Urdu, Zoology

14. M.S. Neuro-Surgery
15. M.S.W.
16. M.Sc.

Agri Horticulture,  Agrochemicals, Bio-Chemistry, Botany, Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Computer, Computer Science & Technology, Electrical,  Electronic Sciences, Electronics, Environmental Science,  Fisheries, Food Science & Technology, Geography, Geology, Home Science, Industrial Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Marine Biology,
Mathematics, Meteorology, Microbiology, Pest Management,  Physics,  Plant Protection, Sericulture, Statistics, Technology Mathematics, Zoology

17. M.Tech. Bio-Chemistry
18. M.Text Textile Chemistry, Textile Engineering
19. LL.M. Not Applicable / Other
20. Ph.D.

Accountancy and Auditing, Actuarial Science, Agrochemicals, Ancient Indian History and Culture, Anthropology, Apabhramsha, Applied Arts, Arabic, Archaeology,  Architecture, Ardhamagadhi, Automobile Engineering, Avesta-Pahlavi, Banking, Banking Law, Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Biochemical, Engineering & Biotechnology, Botany, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Management, CAD/CAM/CAE, Chemical, Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Civil Collective Violence, Commerce,  Comparative Criminal Procedure, Computer Science & Engineering, Corporate Finance, Cost Accountancy,   Dance, Dramatics,  Drug Addiction, Criminal Justice and Human  Rights, Economics, Education, Education Evaluation, Educational, Psychology, Educational Statistics, Electrical, Electronic Sciences, Electronics, Electronics Engineering,  English,  Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Epigraphy and Numismatics, Fisheries, General Engineering, Geography, Geology,  Greek,  Gujarati,  Hebrew,  Hindi, History, Home Science, Human Rights and Criminal Justice System, Human Rights And Duties In International And  Regional Perspectives, Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Law,  Instrumentation Engineering, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property and Information  Technology, International Humanitarian and Refugee Law, Journalism, Juvenile Delinquency, Kannada, Labour Capital and Law, Latin, Law of Contracts including Government and  Multi National Contracts, Linguistics,  Marathi, Marine Biology, Marine Engineering,  Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical-Design, Mechanical-HPE, Mechanical-Production, Mercantile Law, Meteorology, Microbiology,  Modern Foreign Languages other than English, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Pali, Penology, Treatment of Offenders, Persian, Pest Management,  Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics,  Pharmacology,  Philosophy,  Physical Chemistry, Physical Education, Physics, Plant Protection, Political Science,  Privileged Class Deviance,  Production Engineering,  Protection and Enforcement of Human Rights in India, Psychology, Quality Assurance Technique, Sanskrut, Science, Technology And Human Rights,  Sericulture,  Sindhi,  Social Work Education, Sociology, Statistics,  Technology Mathematics, Textile Engineering, Textile Plant Engineering, Urdu, Zoology

For assistance, we advise the candidate to log into www.unishivaji.ac.in/.

Click here to check out detailed Date Sheet.

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